Review of Modern Awards Architects Award

Collective industrial/maintaining the award safety net

A decision has now been handed down by the Fair Work Commission dealing with the substantive issues in respect of the Architects Award.

The main variations that will be made are as set out as follows;

  • Introduction of new classification of a new classification of “Bachelor’s Degree with a pathway to as Master of Architecture”.  This is an updating of the Award to reflect the situation where persons may cease study prior to completing a Master’s Degree and there was no rate of pay in the Award. Previously only a Bachelor qualification was required. The new classification will contain 3 pay points cutting out at 95% of the Graduate Entry (Masters) rate.

  • Progression from Graduate Architect to Registered Architect – currently progression through the pay points is based on competency standards approved by the Architects Accreditation Council. These have changed and the Award will be varied to include the new competencies.

  • Time Off in Lieu of Overtime – There has been a dispute as to whether time off in lieu is to be taken on an “hour for hour” basis or at time and a half. The Commission has supported the Association’s submission that the penalty rate is to apply.

  • The Association of Consulting Architects (ACA) proposed that for employees on probation or employed by small business (less than 15) that the notice for termination of employment be reduced from 1 month to 1 week for probationary employees and 1 week for employees of small business with up to 12 months service. This application was successfully opposed by the Association.

  • Equipment and Special Clothing – An updated clause to reflect, amongst other things, the significant use of information technology was approved by the Commission in place of the existing antiquated clause.