Workers succeed in blocking worst aspects of IR reforms

Friday 19 March, 2021

Workers succeed in blocking worst aspects of IR reforms In a victory for workers across Australia, including Professionals Australia members, four out of five of the regressive provisions in the Federal Government’s proposed IR reforms were rejected by the Senate.

After a massive campaign in the media and online by the labour movement, including Professionals Australia members, the Government was forced to withdraw its extreme IR laws, which would have stripped workers of rights and entitlements in Greenfields agreements, bargaining and part-time employment.

Professionals Australia CEO Jill McCabe said this was a significant victory for working people and thanked Professional Australia members for expressing their concerns about the reforms to cross bench Senators. “Due to the incredible efforts of our members and workers, who made their voices heard and told their stories to cross bench Senators, the Government’s most extreme industrial relations laws have been rejected in the Senate.

“The Bill is a shadow of what the Government attempted to impose on workers and is a major vindication of the time and effort put into blocking its passage.”

Ms McCabe said the Government’s decision to drop provisions that would have strengthened efforts to protect workers from wage theft was disappointing, but that most workers would be pleased that the worst aspects of the Bill had been blocked. “The reality is the Government tried to pass five measures, all of which would have hurt working people – and only succeeded in passing one of these in relation to casual workers.

Ms McCabe said the fight to improve job security and deliver better conditions for casual workers would continue.

“Job security is one of the top three issues of concern for our members and in the lead up to the federal election, we will advocate to parliamentarians in all political parties for laws that strengthen job security and better protect casual employees.

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