Professional Architects Australia (PAA) is a union that represents architects, interior and landscape designers, students, and graduates in Australia.

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When you join Professional Architects Australia (PAA), you can feel secure in the knowledge that your work issues, health, education, and legal rights are backed by an organisation that understands the challenges and unique regulatory landscape of your profession. We understand that architects and designers are faced with long working hours, unpaid overtime, and often the lowest pay on the construction team.

That’s way PAA is focused on ensuring that our members are covered in their workplaces and represented on when it comes to dealing with the major issues that plague the architect profession. Our members play an integral role in fostering Australia’s reputation and respect for the architectural practice.

However, at PAA we are also aware that this crucial work is often undervalued. One of our central commitments is to reverse this pattern and ensure that members of this profession are remunerated and treated fairly. As well as being your advocate in the workplace, PAA offers a wide range of professional development opportunities, including career advice, insurance and the latest news.
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We are part of a strong network of 25,000 professionals who work together for a better deal for all our members.

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