Workplace Advice and Support
Workplace Advice and Support
We don’t expect our members to be experts in employment and workplace law, which is why our specialists are on hand to help. We offer advice and – when needed – representation on issues such as:

  • termination of employment;
  • review of individual common law employment contracts;
  • conditions of employment;
  • disciplinary issues/performance management;
  • workplace bullying and harassment;
  • discrimination;
  • market rates salary information;
  • award rates of pay;
  • independent contractors – review of contracts for service;
  • restrictive covenants; and
  • intellectual property.

Our team has a strong track record when it comes to resolving disputes. If you or anyone you know needs employment advice or help, join PAA now for confidential and expert support.

For more on what you can expect please read our Member Charter.

Contract Review
Employment Contract Review
Before you sign a new employment contract, take advantage of your membership and consult with our free employment contract review service. One of our experts will check the minimum conditions and explain the implications of all the clauses and conditions to you. Knowing exactly what your contract does and doesn’t contain gives you peace of mind, before you sign.

Your Rights, Wages and Conditions
In Australia, every employee is entitled to minimum conditions of employment. Industry awards, enterprise agreements and common law contracts also form legally enforceable terms and conditions of employment over and above the National Employment Standard’s requirements. We are available to explain what this means for your individual employment contract.

The Architects Award 2020 sets out the baseline wages and working conditions which apply to architects and designers working in Australia.

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